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BARK STIX™ are truly a new kind of dog biscuit. Evoking a Northern California artisan bakery tradition, chef Mim has turned her skill into the baking of “signature” gourmet liver treats. First created for rescued Greyhounds, the original treat resembled a livered, crunchy bread stick – new shapes have now been added to the repertoire. “Sophie’s Pix” is our choice – a 12 oz. package featuring bagel-, stick- and nugget-shaped treats. The packaging is simple but elegant, in tune with the dogs who serve as inspiration. Some of the profits are donated to The Greyhound Welfare Foundation, a rescue and adoption agency for ex-racing Greyhounds.


Whole Dog Journal 


BARK STIX™ uses the same recipe for all but one of its treats, which are made in various shapes and sizes. As usual, we like the little ones best. BARK STIX™ also makes a wheat-free, beef-free variety. Five percent of all profits go to Greyhound Welfare Foundation.


K9 PAC Blog

"Fart Busters Really Work!

Bark Stix makes a fantastic treat called Fart Busters which, you guessed it, are supposed to help lessen the occurence of dog farts! I decided to pick these up because our dogs have been known to clear a room once or twice, and I found that their gas issues are especially prevalent after treat-training sessions. To find a treat that would also counteract their nether odors seemed like a stroke of genius."

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Penny Loves Sergio – the UPS Man!

“Penny knows Sergio brings the special treats, BARK STIX, to her, so each time she hears the truck in our neighborhood she runs to the gate. If we see him in the neighborhood she runs to the truck to see if he has her favorite treats, BARK STIX.”

GiGi Gee, Phoebe & Jackson

"My dogs, Phoebe and Jackson, love your Dudley’s Do Right Training Treats. They love their perfect size. I love that they are not full of fat and don’t ever leave crumbs in my pocket.

P.S. Phoebe and Jackson thank Mim for developing such great treats.

Forever Bark Stix fans!"

Jeffrey Rode & Pup Jody

“When I adopted my girl Jody at the Marin Humane Society I was instructed to go to the pet shop and pick up something for her. This is where I found BARK STIX™for the first time. They happen to be the TINY TREATS for training. When I opened the bag to give my little girl a treat she started jumping up and down to try and get the treat. Jody really really likes these treats! I use them now for all her training. Jody is doing very well. She is very attentive with the help of BARK STIX™. BARK STIX™ are a regular part of her training and they provide a nice little snack anytime. I wanted to let you know that my puppy and I are very satisfied customers. Thank you!”


“My name is Buddy. My folks call me ‘Bud’, ‘Mr. Terrific’, ‘Mr. BareNaked’, ‘the Budster’, and a whole big bunch of other terms of endearment. Last spring Lisa Shepard brought back from California some BARK STIX™, the greatest doggie treats that I’ve ever chowed down on. She said that they were for me, but Mum said “Buddy, you must ‘share’ them with your sisters’.” I have 3 of them, and they all loved your treats. I had to be fast on my wheels to get some! Anyhow, although this ‘thank-you’ is a bit late, it is heartfelt. Your thoughtfulness was well-received by my tummy.”

Eve Alexander & Ralfie

“My 15 year old Pomeranian suddenly went blind about 10 days ago. Turns out he’s diabetic. It’s been hard watching him adjust to his new disability but he smiled really big and even jumped up and twirled around like he used to when he smelled the BARK STIX™ . BARK STIX™ treats make giving him his twice-daily insulin shots a lot easier for both of us. So thanks again BARK STIX™… you really made our day!”

Daniel & Whylee

“I am the new Daddy of a Chinese Crested Rescue named Whylee. He is 14 months old and never had much training. My friends at Muddpuppy’s Tub & Scrub gave me a bag of your BARK STIX™ treats to help with the training. He just loves them and is doing really good in his training. While visiting a friend who also has a Crested named Orchid (who never eats treats) I offered her one. She went crazy over them and now her mom finally has something to use in training. I just wanted to thank you for producing such a good and nutritious product for our kids and a great tool in our training process. Thanks again.”

Claudia Presto & The Greyhound Gang

“Over 400 greyhounds can’t be wrong – the Greyhound Gang heartily hungers after BARK STIX™ . Umm-Umm-Good. My guys often try to knock down the ‘cookie’ jar if they’re not getting their treats as often as they think they should.”

Raphaela Pope, Animal Communicator

“A note to let you know how much our dogs enjoyed the wonderful BARK STIX™ …What is really hilarious is that Meo, the large orange and white cat spent hours trying to get into the drawer where I had put the stash. In his zeal, he finally knocked over the telephone and had to be banished from the room. So not only are the dogs crazy about BARK STIX™, apparently cats are too! It was wonderful …thanks again.”

Joel & Chris Wright-Baylson

“In 1998 my husband and I were looking for a small dog to join our ‘family’. One Saturday afternoon in May we visited a Pet Fair at PetCo in our neighborhood. We looked at a couple of small kennels and I noticed a little black face in the back of one kennel, and asked to see “that one”. A sign on the front had blown back, and then came forward – reading “I am deaf, not dumb” whereupon I told my husband that I really needed to see that dog. The person in charge brought out a Bichon Frise / Toy Poodle mix little lady named Casey, the friendliest little bundle of fur that I have ever encountered. Of course, we adopted Casey immediately.

She is very finicky, and at first, would only eat little pieces of Pupperoni. After awhile these little treats did not agree with her stomach so we had been looking for replacements. At Christmas time this year Casey’s friends, Sharon and her dog Annie, gave us a little package of BARK STIX™ Tiny Treats. After trying just one of these, Casey now begs for them. We keep them on the kitchen counter where the vitamins are kept, so whenever we go for vitamins Casey needs to have a Tiny Treat. And, of course we use them in her on-going training.”