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Plaque Off

Plaque Off

  • 1995

PlaqueOff Powder for Dogs and Cats
Works against bad breath, tartar, and plaque and supports healthy teeth and gums.  If left unchecked, the bacteria that form plaque
calcifies and forms tartar and can no longer be brushed off with a toothbrush.  Most
of the time it needs to be removed by a vet and that is very expensive!  If the tartar is allowed to
remain too long it can cause infections that can spread throughout the body including the heart, lung
, and liver.  
   Plaque Off  is made from a specially selected alga (Ascophyllum nodosum) and is harvested along the North Atlantic
coast.  It is free of any kind of additive and is extremely inexpensive to use because only
a very small amount is needed.   Plaque Off powder is easy to use, just sprinkle a small amount to food daily.
Results can be seen in 3-8 weeks.
   PlaqueOff is another product that we have used and highly recommend—it Works!

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